At Augmented Health we offer diagnostics and primary and supportive therapies for a number of complex health conditions. All of our treatments are formulated to provide holistic support, looking at a condition from all angles using our advanced scientific and medical resources.

Our primary treatments cover Lyme Disease and its co-infections as well as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. We also treat chronic gut dysbiosis, and other complex conditions that are not supported by standardised medicine.

Our diagnosis methods and treatment protocols are fully personalised using the latest related scientific research and medical knowledge associated with the condition. This approach coupled with our in-house high-level ability to assemble and interpret broad complex clinical images, gives us a clear advantage when treating complex multi- systemic conditions.

We also offer comprehensive intravenous and oral supplementation protocols for patients suffering from any form of deficiency or those in recovery from a serious or long-term depleting condition or disease.

For help with a complex medical condition call us now on 0207 118 2242.

Advanced Lyme Disease Treatment