Augmented Health’s team of scientists combined with clinicians have been successfully diagnosing and treating Lyme Disease and its associated co-infections for over 2 years..

We specialise in diagnosing suspected cases as well as providing comprehensive and effective fully personalised treatment plans. We also treat patients that have been infected for many years with long and complex medical histories.

Based on worldwide health authorities's guidelines, we focus primarily on the clinical presentation of the disease and use advanced Armin Lab testing for confirmation.

Our strategic and fully personalised treatment protocols are comprehensive and fully medical and evidence based. Treatment for Lyme usually includes the use of pulsed and phased short term antibiotics, other medications, as well as oral and IV supplementation for the advanced support of the immune system and gut flora.

We also prescribe a number of other personalised strategies to assist in regeneration and reparation of the body’s systems. Dietary and lifestyle changes also form an important part of the treatment programme to ensure maximised efficacy.

With a condition as complex as Lyme, special resources and knowledge are essential to treat it effectively, our unique team of microbiologists, biomedical scientists and clinicians are proud to provide that service to patients across the UK.

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